Tanker Charter Party Agreement

1. Selection of the charter form (SHELLTIME4, BPVOY, ASBATANKVOY, GASVOY, GASTIME, BPTIME) regarding cargo type, type of vessel, terminals and duration “I am pleased that ASBA and BIMCO are meeting in this important project. BIMCO is a natural partner in our strategy to create a standard charter party for the gas tanker industry, which has the potential to enjoy the same recognition as ASBATANKVOY,” said Séren Wolmar, chairman of the ASBA documentation committee and co-chair of the subcommittee that will develop the new charter party. His consulting skills include re-engineering, diversification, business development, project management, feasibility studies, dispute resolution and market research. He has worked in strategic planning, including diligence, solving various operational issues, reviewing consortium contracts, controlling costs, project management and improving procurement management systems and supply chains. He has successfully assisted offshore E-P clients in resolving disputes arising from various international EPCIC projects, plant construction contracts, modernization and ship transformation. He continues to be active in damages verification, adjudication, mediation, arbitration, litigation and expert proceedings related to contracts arising from international construction and charter contracts. “By working with ASBA, we can ensure that BIMCO`s contracts and clauses contain an updated and balanced gas tank charter form that owners and charterers can use without problems,” said Stephen Harper, Head of Legalization, Shipping at BW Group and Co-Chair of the BIMCO Subcommittee. The BIMCO Shipowners Association and the Association of Ship Brokers – Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. (ASBA) are to jointly develop a charter festival for the tanker trade. The new form is intended for the use of vessels chartered for LPG, anhydrous ammonia and chemical gases. LNGVOY, a charter company for liquefaction of liquefied natural gas, was jointly published in 2016 by BIMCO and the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importr (GIIGNL). The companies explained that the success of ASBATANKVOY is due to the fact that it was developed as a balanced document and that the intention is to preserve the balanced nature of ASBAGASVOY.

In this new form, asBATANKVOY clauses, which are generally relevant to the oil tanker trade, will be replaced by specific clauses relating to the trade of tankers by clauses relating to the specific nature of the trade in gas tankers, for example. B with respect to the presentation of the ship. 5. Performance obligations of the contracting parties under the Charter Party Agreement The companies stated that it would be incorporated on the basis of one of the most-used tanker charter parties, ASBATANKVOY, codenamed ASBAGASVOY.

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