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15. However, arbitrators are generally reluctant to require workers to pass a medical examination by doctors who are not of their choice, except in rare cases or as a last resort. The conciliators also limited the extent to which an employer may require that medical information be passed on by an employee`s own physician, including another physician. 9. Unless otherwise stated in the collective agreement, the employer has the right to request additional information to determine the right to sick leave with remuneration. This is particularly the case in the case of a “… to meet this condition in a manner and on a date set by the employer. However, these requests for additional information must be timely, practical and proportionate. The employer must apply at a time that allows a physician to certify a worker`s condition during the period during which the leave is required or to give a worker sufficient time to comply with the specific request. The employer must indicate the type of evidence it requires. The employer must set appropriate limits on the nature of the information necessary so as not to unduly violate a worker`s privacy. The employer must take due account of the information it receives or otherwise disposes of in determining whether or not there is a right to compensation. This element measures the responsibility to work with and through others to achieve goals.

She recognizes that much of the lawyer`s work involves leadership challenges to bring people and ideas together. Management`s duties include planning and managing work, as well as responsibility for results. Responsibility generally increases with the complexity of themes and initiatives, as well as the multiplicity of interests and stakeholders involved. An integral part of the work of legal practitioners focuses on communication capabilities and the application of these capabilities in the management of interactions. This element measures the nature and complexity of the interactions that characterize the LP work spectrum and the appropriate level of communication required to manage these interactions. 12. In addition, under human rights law, an employer has an “obligation to host”.” As a result, an employer may be allowed to ask a doctor for medical information or confirmation regarding a worker`s request for accommodation (information on functional limitations as opposed to diagnosis). The abbreviation chosen for the Law Practitioner Group, “LP,” meets the bilingual requirements of The Confederation and emphasizes the practical responsibility inherent in the work. For evaluators, it is essential to understand the full context of a given task both as part of the organizational/structure structure in which it is located and within the entire group of intergovernmental justice practitioners. This broader understanding of the CPA context poses a particular challenge to small organizations that house small, law-ad powers, as they may not necessarily have access to an understanding of the broader range of LP work. It is necessary to consider knowledge of work in the context of all jobs of legal practitioners in government, and not just in the context of one`s own organization and legal training unit. This element covers the requirement for critical thinking and analysis in the work of legal practitioners.

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