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If the agreement involves more expenditure, it must be forwarded to Parliament`s Finance Committee for approval. The central agreement sets the overall framework for the government`s collective regulation. The central agreement contains provisions on the contractual conditions of use of the central government as a whole and their development, as well as any negotiation and verification clauses. All collective agreements for 2020-2021 (in Finnish) In addition to collective agreements, central labour market organisations can agree on other issues of working life. How such agreements must be respected in addition to collective agreements is defined in each collective agreement. Our collective agreements include derogations from Finnish labour law and several possibilities to derogate from collective agreements through company- or workplace-specific agreements. Finland has about 160 collective agreements of general application. The exact amount may vary slightly. When an employer wants to know which universal collective agreement they should apply, the answer usually depends on the sector (sector) in which the employer company operates.

The sector of an employer company is compared to the scope of a universal collective agreement. Labour supervisors and social partners can help find the right collective agreement. “local agreement” means that employers and workers can enter into an agreement on certain conditions of work and employment. Collective agreements may contain restrictions on local agreements; An appropriate procedure must be ensured before the conclusion of a local agreement. Labour law provides the framework for the regulation of working and employment conditions in the labour market. Employers` and trade union organizations conclude public and private collective agreements that set out working and employment conditions in more detail than the law. In accordance with the Collective Agreements Act, the conditions set out in the collective agreement are binding on our member companies. Due to the wide coverage of contracts and the general binding rule of the Employment Contracts Act, they also engage unrelated employers in the aforementioned sectors. Due to the obligation of labour peace, labour disputes against the terms of the collective agreement are prohibited during the term of the collective agreement. .

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