• Are you dealing with DISC issues?

    We often see patients who suffer with low back and neck pain. In some cases, these problems are associated with tight muscles, poor posture and misalignment of the vertebrae. Many times, pain in the low back and neck are due […]

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  • Is my Child too young for Chiropractic Health Care?

    This is a question we hear so many times in our office and the answer is NO. Chiropractic is a safe approach to helping the child develop structurally and neurologically throughout their childhood. Why would my child need chiropractic? Kids […]

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  • Spine getting on your nerves?

    Chiropractic has been constantly evolving since it was established in 1895.  Many people use chiropractic care for different reasons.  Some are pain based symptoms, while others are wellness based.  Before we answer this we must first understand the nervous system. […]

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    Many youth in small towns are ready to move away

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    How did I get into chiropractic care?  Not all of

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